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Club Togs soon to be diplayed in all their glory                   



Wet suits, BCDs, Regs, Cylinders & Weights

All charged at € 5 / item / week*.

*If an item of kit is away for testing the club will waive the charge to club members within reason.

All equipment to be returned promptly and cylinders full.



We welcome visiting divers but there are a few provisos to comply with BSAC insurance and Spanish laws:

1. They have to be BSAC members (UK branch or BSAC direct)
2. They have to take temporary membership of the club here (€20 for a month)
3. They have to have Diving Medical Insurance (e.g. DAN )

The club diving is done from a small RIB .. usually 4 or 5 divers. We have a dive fee of €8 per diver and then split
the launch fee (€20) and fuel (around €15) between the divers. So..for 4 divers this works out about €17 per dive.
The club has a few 12 litre steel cylinders and weights/ weight belts but we don't have Club BCDs, Regs, fins, wetsuits, boots etc.
We charge €3 for a cylinder per day and it's €5 for a fill. We can probably sort out BCD, Reg and fins but not wetsuit and boots.
Use of other members personal regs and BCD is obviously totally at your own risk!
Puerto Buceo is the shop that Vaughn used to work at. He is no longer there but the shop still does regular trips.
We often use it when not taking out boat out. A dive with full kit there is €45 per dive
(€30 of you provide all of your own kit except tank and weights). Depending on how many dives you are looking to do
it might be cheaper to dive with them and easier to sort out a wetsuit etc.


When diving from the club RIB the following fees will apply

Club members € 8 + fuel charge and equal split of launch fee



  • Ladies Med BCD Mares Vector Pro, good condition -  60€ ono
    Mares Regulator with Apeks 1st Stage, Mares proton 2nd Stage with 3 Consol guage inc compass, comes with carry bag  - 70€ ono 
    Ladies Scubapro Full length 5mm Wetsuit size XL/44  - 50€
    Oceanic Weight Belt 6 pockets,  - 15€
    Beaver Dive Luggage  - 20€
    Day Dive Bag  - 10 € 

     contact Lisa Bates  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




    Ladies wet suit and shorty €20/€15 contact Mary Saunders   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Vegas 2 technisub torch 20e. Steve Kershaw

  • Lidl 3w led torch for 10e good for a backup. Steve Kershaw
  • ikelite pcm torch 20e,cost 34e  only one dive good for a backup. Steve Kershaw