Dive at Los Arcos

Dive # 21
I arrived early at Paul's place for coffee,  Chris and George arrived and we loaded up pauls 4x4 and hooked up the boat and went down to Moraira slip. RIB loaded, Paul asked if I'd like to take the boat out . OK, just as we were about to leave the harbour Chris announces he can't find his docs, turn around and head back to the slip. Slow approach good handling practice. After a bit of left a bit  right a bit  and stop, a  bit like an eopisode of "The Navy Lark" , all docs retrieved from the briny. We head south to Los Arcos,  George is nervous about the dive as his last two dives have been a stressful time. Paul and George in first, Chris and I lounge and natter, next we decide to get our kit together. On letting air into my kit I can hear gas escaping from the main console, I try rotating th cosole to tighten up the connection, no improvement. OK so what do we do now? Obviously  wait until Paul and George get back on board and borrow some gear.  I won't go into all the details but I ended up with a valve (I use a DIN connector) insert from Georges rig and Pauls BC and regs. Paul decides that my reg's configuration is wrong so removes the regs from the valve and the "O" ring vanishes. He removes a ring fom another valve and reconnects the regs. Now for the dive with Chris, you might expect after all that faffing about it might be a short dive time, in fact it turned out to be a spectacular 73min dive without even a safety stop requirement. Los Arcos is a greatdive.

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