Rab Ronaldsons Gopro Videos

Although Rab is not a club member we often dive with him localy and on trips further afield. He takes some stuning photo's and often puts together short videos of dives. So here's his Youtube Channel   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOxT2idTjZn849C-WA31feA

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Dive at Los Arcos, Calpe


IMG 5176 107After an abortive dive at El Moraig on Tuesday due to my inflator free flowing (it was serviced only a month ago) Paul drove us out to the Penon, Calpe. There was a slight swell, but the visibility was exceptional at least 20 metres in the sunxhine. We spotted the arches through the crystal clear water and dropped anchor at about 10 metres. Gary and I got in the water and were able to see hundreds of fish just hanging near the roof of one of the arches. We.saw lots of Cardinal and a small Scorpion perched on a rock. Found a 3Kg weight and a couple of Abolone shells This was turning into a really great dive, On our return to the boat on a NW heading  a small (.5 m) ray suddenly popped up off the sea bed, paused then flew off at great speed.  Finned straight to the anchor line and did a safety stop at 6m.

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Whale Shark Rescue

Daily Mail story about the release of an entangled Whale Shark off the coast of Mexico.


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Great Barrier Reef

The underwater robot assassin that can automatically inject its victim with a lethal poison:
Researchers reveal killer craft that could save the Great Barrier Reef from invading starfish

Read more: http://dailym.ai/1LWrS2e

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